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Carelife Telemedicine

At Carelife Medical, we want to offer our patients greater access and convenience. With improving medical technology and capabilities, it is becoming easier and simpler. Telehealth (and Telemed) is one of the growing ways in which you can access healthcare, specially for common ailments and quick consults. Sometimes all that is needed is general guidance or remedy, specially for those on the go or with busier schedules or commuting difficulties.

In order to facilitate telemedicine evaluation with our practice, we have contracted with Chiron Health – a well-established provider of telehealth platform that is secure and HIPAA compliant, as well as integrated with our electronic medical system.

Growing number of insurances and states are recognizing and covering patients for telehealth visits. While we do accept several private insurances in our practice which may be appropriate for some patients, we do also offer direct payment process and self-pay options.

Please contact our office to schedule an appointment and to become established with us and take benefit of telemedicine’s easier accessibility and convenience for your basic healthcare needs.

Alternatively, register at Carelife Telemedicine orĀ [CALL NOW]